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The INDIE Philosophy 

It's time to look past sexy marketing by big brands, and to become conscious consumers that question what is in the products that go onto our skin & ultimately into our bodies. 

Our mission is to offer you luxe botanical experiences that support your health on the inside & out. 

What you can expect from our products: 

  • Botanical skincare & beauty products. 
  • Handmade products.
  • Chemical free. 
  • Simple to pronounce ingredients.
  • Small-batch for optimal quality. 
  • Beautiful products that create soothing rituals.
  • Ethical production. 

None of our skincare products contain:  

  • Parabens 
  • Phalates 
  • Petroleum based products. 
  • Fillers. 
  • Artificial colourings. 
  • Synthetic Fragrance. 

You won't hear us making claims like "all-natural"- we think that this term is used way too loosely these days. We simply don't think that there is anything that is untouched in some small way. What you can feel confident in in the brands that we carry is that they do not add any ingredient in that does not have to be there- chemicals & fillers. And by doing that we are doing 90% more than most big brands. There is nothing in our shoppe that we would not use on ourselves or on our children. 

Enjoy discovering new products. Craft new rituals that nourish your body & soul. 


Founder, Indie Apothecary 


INDIE is dedicated to curating the best in Canadian eco-luxe beauty products. We are not medical professionals, and do not make health claims or offer any form of medical advice. Our products follow the strict Canadian Advertising standards policies, and do not claim to cure any ailments, existing conditions etc. Should you need medical advice, or have a reaction to any of our INDIE products please seek medical attention from a registered healthcare practitioner. Our descriptions and benefits are made to be cosmetic in nature, and are not to be misconstrued as health claims.


Indie Apothecary and its business partners use only the most reliable shipping options available. Your purchase will be shipped out within 48 hours, using ground Canada Post service with regular $10 shipping, and within 24 hours, using express Canada Post shipping with the Express $20 shipping.

We know that from time to time things happen when packages are en route to their new owners. INDIE is not liable for lost or stolen packages. Canada Post insurance does not apply to broken glass bottles and products.

Should you want to discuss a damaged item during shipment, please email hello@indieapothecary.com with pictures of the damaged package, and of the items inside. We deal with these issues on a case by case basis, and do not guarantee that we will cover the cost of items broken in transit.


We understand that sometimes you may receive something that you may not be completely satisfied with. We offer you 30 days to communicate with us, and we will ensure that you are satisfied. 


We are committed to protecting all personal information that is shared during the transaction. We have a visible opt-in/opt-out policy for all email and marketing communications, and will only contact you if you have given your explicit informed consent. Should you have any questions about our privacy policy please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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