THE GREEN BEAUTY GUIDE: The INDIE guide to green-washing your beauty routine.


One of the most common things I hear from people is: "Where do I start?". Its a truth shared by women around the world: Your beauty cabinet is a curated collection of products that you chose to make yourself feel beautiful. You curated that cabinet so carefully, full of products made to tighten, brighten, pucker, smooth out- and most importantly, give you that confidence you just don't feel until you spend that hour in the bathroom.

But- and its a BIG but. Would you feel as good about all of those potions and lotions if I told you that they are ridden with chemicals, tested on animals (think cute lil mini fluffy bunnies), made in massive factories overseas?

Would you feel as good about that cream knowing that half the ingredients in it cause eczema? Or that the thickening agent in it is a petro chemical bi-product.... OR that the preservative is a hormone disruptor?

Its estimated that out of the 82,000 ingredients used in making skincare + cosmetics, that 1 in 8 is a chemical. That is over 10,000 chemicals that unless you take the time to research if they are in your products- you may be exposing yourself (and your loved ones) to.

This may or may not be old news to you- and you've been saying "I should start using natural XYZ". Whats been holding you back?

Chances are, its one of three things that I hear all. the. damn. time.

1. Where do I even start? 

2. I've tried some natural products, they just don't work! 

3. How bad can it really be? If the products were that bad, we wouldn't be able to buy them.

I too was very overwhelmed. I had all the feels that you will have when you start to research- particularly around baby products. How can these brands think that its ok to sell me a baby product FULL of toxins.

The truth is, detoxing your cosmetics bag + bathroom cabinet feels as good as finally letting go of those pre-pregnancy jeans that have been sitting in the back of your closet for a decade (Lets face it, the chances of you wearing that fluorescent blue eyeliner are as good as you ever wearing those jeans again). So- let go of the past, and start to feel GOOD about making your health a priority.

Because you can have both. You can have your health & have products that work too. You owe it to yourself to rid your products of toxins + chemicals, and to minimize the long-term health consequences. 

We want to help you get over the mental block holding you back from detoxing your beauty routine with our INDIE guide to detoxing. Click here for your downloadable guide.

A great place to start learning about toxins is to read the David Suzuki Dirty Dozen for the list for the worst of the worst ingredients to avoid.


So, let’s share the happy news now.  You can have both. Clean ingredients + effective products that work.

With this fresh wave of consumers that actually care what they are putting on (and in) their bodies comes with it a new niche of makers, doctors, healers + health nuts who are creating new formulations to offer effective eco-luxe beauty and skincare. These people have had their own ah-ha moments, and disillusioned with the options for alternatives took it into their own hands to develop brands so that you too can enjoy your same experiences but in a much cleaner way.

This is our INDIE 5 step guide to beginning to detox your beauty cabinet. Its up to you how you do it... we suggest setting a timeline. One year, 6 months, one full shebang- the choice is yours. But start now. 


Chances are you have products in your cosmetics bag and bathroom cabinet that are from last decade. You spent $40 on that mascara, why would you ever throw it away?? The truth is that you have to start somewhere. And there is no better time than the present. 

Step number one: is taking half an hour and a garbage bag and detoxing all the products older than one year, all the bottles in the bottom of your bathroom cabinet that are 1/4 full, all of the products that you bought for one crazy night out (those false eyelashes you wore once 5 years ago? Pitch em!).

I'm not saying go right now and chuck everything... look for products that you are running low on and replace those first. And repeat. I'm also a realist... there might be one or two products you simply cannot give up. If you're ok with it, then thats ok. And chances are if you change out the rest of your cabinet, that you are 98% better off than if you changed out none.

This will make room for new products, ones that heal you instead of harming.


I'm guessing you can name 3-5 products right now that you use on a daily (if not more than once a day) basis. Face washes, creams + serums. Deodorant. 

Products that you put on all day every day deserve to be looked at first- the first thing I did was pitch all my khiel's (once I peeled back that ingredients list to reveal 5 pages of chemical ridden words, I was done). It was painful- I was about 1/2 way through my $200+ collection. And I've never looked back. 

Step number two: Write down the products that you use the most, and start to research alternatives so that when you are ready (and your bottle is almost empty), you are ready to go.


Products that you use on a large part of your body, or in big amounts: body butters + creams, soaps + body washes, face masks, bath salts... 

Because you are either lathering your entire body in it, leaving it on or sitting in it for a long period of time- the risk of exposure is heightened. Its said that our body absorbs 60% of what we put on our skin. 

Step number three: Start to minimize the about of these products that you use. Even without your new clean alternative lined up. The reality is that your husband is not going to leave you because you used a little bit less body butter today. 


Think about the lip balm/gloss you put on 5+ times a day. Right on your mouth. The cream or hand sanitizer you just put on your hands and then put up near or on your mouth. The toothpaste + mouthwash that you put RIGHT into your mouth. I'm going to take it one step further... think about the bath poof you lather up with soap and rub right on your nether regions. Right in there. An open door right into your lady parts.

Think. about. it.

If you have used that lip balm 5 times a day for the past year... how many times is that you have exposed your body to it? These products take the guess work out of "is my body really absorbing it?"- these are 100% going into your body. No exception.

Step number four: I'm going to take back the idea from step number one, the one where I said take your time. Stop using your chemical ridden lip balms + glosses right now! 


Part of your mental block is around this notion that "natural products don't work". I have also tried my fair share of products that didn't work. But lets look at what our expectation of what "work" really means. Because the reality is that you can have your cake and eat it too. Literally- you could eat your clean products if you really wanted to. They are that safe. We're not suggesting you do...

Part of our issue is the "experiences" that we are trained to expect. The foaming, the creaminess, the bubbles, the scent that lingers on our skin all day. The hard truth is that all of these effects that created by chemicals + toxins. 

The people that we talked about earlier that are creating alternatives clean products are pushing the boundaries, trying new formulas to make the products offer this experience that we expect, and associate with this idea of "working". 

Step number five: After assessing and wrapping your mind around it- are you ready to start? Shop our clean starter kits and top ten products here. We are on this journey with you- we want you to feel as good as we feel after doing our skin detox one year ago. I am happy to say that I don't have eczema AT ALL anymore, my skin is NEVER dry + flaky. Ever.  I enjoy my at home rituals so much more because I know that I'm healing my body rather than harming it. 

DOWNLOAD NOW- Our free guide to help you start your detox. I want to simplify this process and help you get on the right track to making better product choices. Click HERE to download your guide to get started now.

I hope that this guide has taken some of the overwhelmingy feeling out for you. The one thing I cam promise is that once you start, you'll wonder why it took you so long. 


Founder, INDIE apothecary