We firmly believe that we need to learn how to live and open for business in the covid19 era. It is not feasible for small-businesses to be closed for another critical holiday season while large businesses are able to continue business as usual. We are 100% confident in our abilities to run safe shopping experiences.

We will work with all relevant city and provincial public health initiatives, as well as public health inspections should that be necessary. We will be organized for contact tracing, masks will be mandatory, sanitization stations, pre-event screening for vendors + artists, directional shopping, and staggered shopping times (pre-booked).

Amanda, our founder has been running events for 7 years. Prior to that she was a retail manager who lead large scale teams in busy shopping environments, and has over a decade of health & safety management experience.

Amanda has also completed the John Hopkins covid19 contact-tracing certificate, and will be making the retail event covid19 guidelines available to the public for full transparency and accountability. 


While we believe in getting the vaccine (and we are fully vaxed so that we can show up to our retail experiences knowing we are protected, for ourselves, our families + our community) we will not be making it mandatory for our vendors or our shoppers to be vaccinated. We understand different perspectives on the covid19 vaccine and respect people's right to choose.

We are confident that our covid19 prevention actions are above and beyond what is needed to provide a safe environment.

However, should the local or provincial governments mandate that people in public spaces be vaccinates, we will work with our stakeholders to comply.