Flashback to October 2015 when we hosted our first market ever... I'm not going to lie, there was no game plan for after. It was about seeing how the first market went. Did makers like me? Did the public come shop? Was I even cut out for running events? 

I chose Makerspace North as my venue because I thought that there was room to have a market in a venue that added to the creative atmosphere that was so needed in Ottawa. When I first walked into the space with a friend, she looked at me and said "no way". It was raw. Sawdust from the Ottawa City Woodshop. Machine noise in the air. But I saw something different. I felt the creative vibe from the tenants, to the murals on the walls, to the big bay doors open letting fresh daylight in. 

Market day arrived- It was one of the most positive feel-good days of my life. The makers were gracious + ready for business- I made it very clear that I wanted to work with creatives that wanted to get out from behind their tables to create a dynamic shopping atmosphere as a team. And people came out to shop. The ATM ran out of money by 11:30. We had over 600 people come through the door to shop local that day. 

Fast Forward to January 2016. I got a call from Sheri, the new director of Makerspace North. She wanted me to come in for a meeting. I had no idea what to expect. She had loved what I had done, and wanted it to be a regular thing. She wanted to bring that vibe into the warehouse. We decided to  host bi-monthly for a year to see what would happen. We had mostly success (one big flop). Our partnership went through some ups and downs as I re-worked my branding, we worked through roles etc. After all, we were all new in our roles. 

But one thing happened consistently. We kept creating positive, inspiring environments for vendors and the public to connect. That was the one big goal that was driving the markets. 

The best thing that has happened for me is that it took what could have been a really lonely gig on my own to all of a sudden having a #girlboss team championing everything I was doing, re-directing me if they thought I needed it, and ultimately open to finding the best way to success.