About our founder

Freewheeling Craft is Ottawa's largest curated urban craft market. Driven by the idea that creativity is an expression of our human potential, Amanda has dedicated the last 3 years to curating lively markets that foster meaningful connection and grow the local economy. She believes that by growing community we rise up to further everyone's individual growth.

Amanda has worked with hundreds of local entrepreneurs + makers in some of Ottawa's most interesting urban venues, helping them to grow their small businesses and to hopefully take it to the next level of business development. Our markets are cultivated with entrepreneurial makers in mind, driven by the belief that being a modern maker is a mindset not defined by gender, age or check marks on your CV. It is defined by modern design, fresh branding and a growth mindset.

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(Amanda Cockburn, Founder)

In 2016 Amanda wanted to offer a unique experience for shopping local, opening a series of popup shops that has now turned into a permanent space in downtown Ottawa. The store offers shoppers the opportunity to shop local outside of the market space and creates further opportunity for makers to grow.

Over three years Amanda has curated and executed over two dozen markets, hosting over 10,000 shoppers + keeping over $350,000 a year in our local economy. She continuously hears that our markets offer the freshest experiences and best curation of makers. Amanda continues to dream big, driven by her passion for growing the local economy and connecting people in creative ways.