Thirteen A Social Enterprise (13:ASE) is an entrepreneurial program of the Parkdale Food Centre. We engage youth who are seeking employment and skills development opportunities in the operation of our social enterprise.

By engaging participants in all aspe cts of business decisions and development, in a collaborative and supported space, this program helps participants gain strong emotional and social skills as well as confidence in themselves and their future. 

13:ASE also serves as an entry point into the labour market. It provides a supportive first work experience and the opportunity to build a social and professional network. The skills that participants and peer mentors develop through 13:ASE are directly related to improving access to work experience, obtaining experience, gaining community connections and language development.

This collection includes all four Spice Mixes, ranging from spicy to Mild. 

Pili Pili: Congolese Spice Mix

Berbere: Ethiopian Spice Mix

Pilau Masala: Kenyan Spice Mix

Xawaash: Somali Spice Mix

These spices provide you with a taste of African cuisine while also being able to integrate new flavours into your everyday cooking.

Thirteen Spices are great in a variety of dishes, such as eggs, chicken, tacos, lentil stew, spring rolls, sambusas and falafel! Check out our recipe blog for more ideas!

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