Hi, welcome to my page! My name is Taylor and I am the creator behind Tay Macrame. 

Tay Macrame is a brand new small business that started in February 2021. I am a full time event planner with a love for creativity. I started creating macrame as a one time activity, but it ended up sparking so much joy! I continued creating and wanted to bring this joy with me everywhere I went. This is why I create accessories that come with you one the go - keychains, car diffusers and earrings. During these times, I just want to bring a little “rainbow happiness” to everyone's day. 

Each item is handmade with love, care and durability. I want to make sure every individual feels confident in the quality so they can feel their best when using these products. A selection of colours has been created so you can pick the colour that best suits your style. This is a brand where everyone is welcome and accepted to be “your own rainbow”. Previously, I have created custom rainbows to represent each person's unique story such as pride flags, sentimental colours, families and gifts. 

Thank you for supporting my small business, every sale & word of encouragement  means the world!

Follow my instagram page to keep up with this growing journey & stay up to date with new launches - @taymacrame.

Made in Ottawa, Canada

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