The ‘Morticia Stewart’ of macrame, I make fibre art that can be cute, creepy, and anywhere in between.  Using things like skulls, antlers, and driftwood, I love that my art incorporates things found in nature, or can turn something that has passed away into beautiful art.

My name is not Sophia (I’m Danielle).  Sophia Pugtrillo’s is named for my late old lady pug Sophia. This shop began as a fundraiser for her vet bills, and even though she’s gone I love that her little face is everywhere.

A baker by trade, I am currently on maternity leave raising my first child, which so far has been both the biggest challenge and the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  

I do my best to support local and/or independent businesses as much as possible.  All rope is purchased exclusively from Canadian companies, and all animal things are ethically sourced.  

Made in Ottawa, Canada

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