During Carly’s journey towards achieving her Red Seal Certification, she recognized the versatility and significance of mustard in the kitchen as a special and effortless element to bring familiar meals to new heights – that a simple spoonful of mustard makes all the difference in the flavour and overall composition of a dish. Using her skills and talents as a trained chef, she has carved her own entrepreneurial and culinary path, filling the gap in the local food market for high-quality mustard that people of all cooking levels can easily dabble with.

Now a successful business owner and chef, she has proven that mustard is the must-have ingredient in your kitchen, and she’s hoping that you will see the same quality that mustard adds to a humble, yet beautiful dish. She also really loves sharing community stories, inspiring self-expression in the kitchen, Prince, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and food. Definitely food.

“My philosophy with food staples has always been ‘less of, higher quality.’”

Made in Canada.

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