It all started with a love for fashion, sustainability and well… cheese. 
At Scruncheese, our mission is to create stylish accessories all-the-while leaving the smallest ecological footprint. Each scrunchie, collar & mask is carefully handmade with locally sourced unused leftover fabrics from fashion companies, studios and fashion schools which would otherwise be thrown away. 
At Scruncheese, customers are also given the option to send in their own fabrics, choose their colors & add their own logo allowing them to customize each scrunchie to their liking. Whether you're looking for corporate branded products, have leftover fabrics from bridesmaid dresses, or you simply want to rock the Jason Momoa matching scrunchie-to-suit look, we’ll make it happen.
We are also currently working on offering monthly subscription based Scruncheese which will allow you to choose your favourite scrunchie look and receive new models every month without having to think about it.
Thank you for contributing to a better future by choosing slow fashion.
You're a legend.

Made in Montreal, Quebec.

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