Scrub Inspired

Scrub Inspired, Natural Body Scrubs, Made in Canada


SCRUB Inspired is a delicious line of handmade body scrubs using only the freshest ingredients. The girls behind scrub take pride in feeling good aboutproviding a product that  is healthy for you. Colours & aromas of scrubs may vary depending on the season & the availability of natural ingredients. They are constantly looking for the best in-season ingredients to create new scrubs.

SCRUB is focused on creating the freshest, all natural body scrubs with a salt or sugar base to keep your skin soft, glowing & healthy- there is no need for soap or moisturizers in your scrub routine. It's an all-in-one product! 

"We want to see change in the way products are manufactured and the way they treat our skin. In fact, our products are so natural, some are hard not to eat!" -  SCRUB is 100% natural, meaning no toxic chemicals, SLS, parabens, or anything artificial in any of our products.

Handmade in Canada.

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