Natural Deodorant

Our natural deodorant brands offer the benefits of big-brand deodorants, with green ingredient & no chems. We have curated the best made in Canada deodorant brands with power packed ingredients such as organic shea butter, lavender, activated charcoal, witch hazel, organic coconut oil, & mint to offer door protection & lasting freshness. 

NO parabens, Phthalates, propylene glycol, petrochemicals or other toxins. 

When you introduce a natural deodorant your body might go through a natural detox period- your body needs a couple weeks to adjust. This is your body ridding itself of your old products & their chemicals. You may notice a rash, heavy perspiration &/or odor. Please don't give up! Apply a few times a day as needed, and if you need to take a break then do it. Once you make it thru the transition it will totally be worth it by keeping chemicals out of your body and breastmilk. 

Made in Canada  using only natural ingredients. 

Brands: Routine Cream Deodorant - Kaia Naturals, Takesumi Detox - Undercarriage Natural Deodorant - Pink House Naturals - Mabrook & Co. - Hola Deodorant (coming soon).

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