Mila Vardì draws inspiration from all corners of life. The brands focus is to design contemporary yet chic quality pieces for wearers that believe in individuality, passion, and purpose. We strive to do whatever it takes to delight our customers through our high standards of integrity and honesty. We make jewelry for you, from our hearts to your hands. 


"I have been immersed in fashion ever since I could remember. I pursued my passion of creating and designing by completing my studies in fashion design. Having been gifted a sterling silver ring with a beautiful Lapis Lazuli stone, it ignited a curiosity in jewelry making and slowly I moved away from designing clothing and started self teaching the ways of jewelry design and making. It’s a very rewarding feeling to bring to the world my imagination and creations. I hope the pieces I create and put an abundance of love within each, will bring you as much joy, positivity and happiness as they bring to me and my life." - Mila Vardì

Who has inspired you? Back in 1948, my grandmother was 19 years old married with one child living in extreme poverty and a male-dominated village. She saved what she could to buy a few basil seeds to plant and sell them for food. She took all that she grew to a farmers market and sold out within minutes. She saw the opportunity for growth, so instead, she spent the money she made and purchased more seeds. From just those few seeds, my grandmother built a huge farm with peach trees, apple trees, sunflowers, and much much more. It wasn’t easy for her, especially with all the men trying to sabotage her business, but she never gave up, pushed through it all and achieved what she wanted. She is my inspiration.

Made in Canada

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