Lost is all about looking for the right direction, getting out of your comfort zone, exploring and taking leaps of faith. Faune represents the landscapes, the familiar faces and the wilderness that allows us to remember where we come from. Together, they are a celebration of memories, adventures and emotions that make our story. Each piece has its own memory, to which you can relate to! 

Behind Lost & Faune, there is Christine, the northern girl : she is the nicest person, most creative, always up for a good laugh, but also invested in the animal and nature causes! She loves a good challenge, she designs all the jewelry and makes them by hand!

The other half of the team is Michelle, the most flexible person in the office (literally), who manages sales, marketing, the interwebs and the kale chips! Please don't hesitate to ring a bell or drop an e-mail, if you need anything :)

Made in Canada.

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