I’ve always loved making things but it wasn’t until post secondary that I touched clay in a studio setting and have been a student of clay ever since! After graduating with a BA in interdisciplinary studies from Goshen College in Indiana, I started my ow pottery business while working part-time in a pottery studio/retail shop near where I grew up in St. Jacobs, Ontario.
A move to Ottawa launched my business full-time and Ottawa has been home base since then, with significant chunks of time in Africa (3 years in Uganda, 4 years in Kenya) and South-east Asia (3 years in Laos) working with craftspeople through an NGO. For 5 years, between Kenya and Laos, my husband and I managed Ottawa’s first Ten Thousand Villages store. Since our return to Canada I’ve been happy to once again devote myself to my pottery business.
Needless to say, those many years living in exotic locations, learning about different cultures–including crafting traditions and techniques, hearing and trying to learn new languages and working with truly dedicated colleagues, has influenced me in ways I probably don’t fully appreciate. All of these influences inform my work, methods and worldview. My hope is that my ever evolving pottery will bring joy to your everyday life.

Made in Ottawa, Canada.

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