Homecoming Candles is inspired by the integrity of everyday spaces. From bedrooms to living rooms, these are the places that provide us with life’s best moments; the quiet ones, the memorable ones, and the ones we look forward to most.

Our mission, as a Canadian candle company, is to craft elevated home goods and accessories founded on the principles of high design, sustainable practices, entrepreneurship, creativity, community, and care. Homecoming products are intended to fit perfectly into any space, serving as a gentle reminder that there really is no place like home.


From fast fashion to slow process. Founded by Suraiya Nanji, Homecoming Candles started as a hobby; an escape from the demands of a career in corporate fashion and a return to a more meaningful way of life. That return eventually brought Suraiya back to Vancouver, B.C. where Homecoming has expanded into a sought-after Canadian candle brand known for its distinct scents and elegant take on accessible at-home luxury.

Despite the California sun winning her over for the better part of a decade, Suraiya couldn’t shake the urge to jump off the corporate ladder and take the leap into creating something of her own. Fortunately, candles run in the family; Suraiya grew up watching her Mom run her own candle business from the family dining table. It seemed only natural that Suraiya would create the first Homecoming candle in her home in Canada years later.

Homecoming Candles was founded in 2012 and has since blossomed into a family-run operation that hand pours, packages, and ships candles from their studio in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Homecoming Candles is currently carried in 70+ stores worldwide.

Made in Vancouver, Canada

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