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The founders of Hola Deodorant both have super sensitive skin so it’s been a long road of testing to create a product that works for us and our test groups. Most natural deodorants contain a high percentage of baking soda, which can create major skin irritations. So we came up with something gentle, nourishing, but extremely effective at keeping odours away. We tested many versions of the formula out on sweaty summer runs. Friends took the deodorant to hot and humid destinations to see if it would really last in the heat…and it did!

We had been selling these natural deodorants with our previous company, Fable Naturals. Our customers kept telling us how they had tried everything and were ready to give up on finding a healthy deodorant. Their experiences were either that the deodorant wasn’t working to keep odours away, or it was irritating their skin so much that they had to stop using it.

When we told people that our deodorant really works, even on sensitive skin, they trusted us enough to give it a try. The feedback we received was fantastic. We were so happy to be able to solve a problem for people and provide them with a high quality of product that worked.

We decided to move on from Fable after five years and focus on the deodorants…and so Hola deodorants was born with one clear mission- to keep our customers stink free the natural way.

Gwen + Chris

Hola Deodorant is a natural deodorant for sensitive skin, proudly made in Canada.

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