We are a local vegan + cruelty-free company from Vancouver BC, specializing in all natural, non-toxic, ethically sourced Apothecary, made with high-grade botanicals, therapeutic ingredients + a whole lot of love. We are passionate about creating high performing, clean + safe products that not only are effective, but smell amazing + make you feel good! 

Each of our products are specially tuned using sound waves + vibration to raise everything up to 528 Hz | The vibration of love. 

This makes for a multi-dimensional experience that is not only healing + uplifting for the mind + body, but also nourishing for the soul + energetic field. We're here to be of service in raising vibrations + awareness in support of the compassionate movement, by staying tuned + in alignment with the power of love. 

Cruelty-free. Vegan. Paraben free. Toxin + chemical free.  

All natural + therapeutic grade ingredients. 

All Products are T u n e d  t o  5 2 8  H z   |  T h e  v i b r a t i o n  o f  l o v e 

Made in Canada.