My name is Hannah Dykes and I work under the artist name Hannah M Bean. I live and work on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg people, commonly known as Ottawa, Ontario. Throughout my work a very common theme is natural elements and colours. I am constantly inspired by the natural world, form, and divine feminine energy! I am a semi self taught potter who started in the spring of 2018. I took a few classes at local studios, did a lot of personal research and practiced, practiced, practiced. I am now a maker, studio technician and pottery teacher. As serious and serene as pottery can seem, I like to keep things a little loose and silly. Life’s too short!  

The majority of my work is done using a technique called handbuilding. This means that I seldom use a pottery wheel and my main tools are my own two hands. By using handbuilding I am able to create much more organic shapes that embrace the beauty and the natural form that clay wants to take. It accentuates the lumps, bumps, curves and seams that comes with creating a piece. My glaze use is very minimal, I like to leave a lot of raw clay (unglazed sections) exposed. Pieces that do get glazed are typically very simple and natural colours that accentuate the beauty of the clay, with the exceptions of a few glaze combos that spark joy! 

Made in Ottawa, Canada

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