Inspired by all things modern with influences from bold design and simple minimalism, I am a self taught artist living and working in beautiful Royston on Vancouver Island.  Originally from Cortes Island and raised by artisans, making jewelry brings me back to my "grassroots."  My love for modern architecture and design is what influences my current "urban" life.

A theme carried throughout all areas of my life is clean living, from growing as much of our own food as possible, to building an ultra modern, non toxic, eco friendly home, to living chemical free.  That same theme has been carried over into my creating.  I am very careful to use pure metals, non toxic cleaners and natural finishes (most pieces are left nude without finish).  Little in my studio goes to waste so it is not uncommon for off cuts of metal to be strewn about the work bench or scraps of clay balled up in a drawer.

The saying it takes a village can easily be applied to what I do as it is truly a family affair. From Nana + Papa (who tirelessly provide childcare), to Dad (who endlessly gives hands on assistance), to Mom (who constantly listens to new concepts), to Husband (who supports every crazy dream and idea and comes to every Market), to Son (who is so well behaved at events and always willing to give an opinion).  I cannot do what I do without them.

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