Good Neighbour Soap & Supply Co. makes high-quality, natural skin care products that you can feel good about using. Not only do our products look good, smell good, and feel good on your skin; they don’t damage the environment with excessive or plastic packaging. 

Good Neighbour soaps are made with quality ingredients that are plant-based;  plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, shells, roots and seeds! The base of many of the soaps includes rich creamy fair-trade shea butter, raw thick coconut oil, rich, highly emollient olive oil and always clays, botanical infusions and 100% essential oils -- never fragrance oils anywhere!

Every bar of Good Neighbour soap is not only carefully handmade following traditional cold-process soap making, but hand-cut and planed to be smoother on your skin and have a luxurious feel. 

The name Good Neighbour Soap means more than just looking after our physical neighbourhood, but it’s a social responsibility to make smart decisions about the health of the environment. It means I don’t package products in plastic bottles that end up in land fill, or bubble mailers to ship your products. It means I use fair trade ingredients that help the communities they are harvested in, use recyclable paper for our labels, and glass bottles or aluminum tins for our products. The bike on our soaps is a symbol of our responsibility to make decisions that don’t negatively affect our environment.

The Good Neighbour story is more about soap though, and there are more products added all the time. There's a line of rich creamy body butters that are both preservative-free and amazing at sealing in your skin’s natural moisture. Lip balms created with thick, nutrient-rich ingredients like calendula oil, fair-trade cocoa butter and local beeswax to make an amazing smelling, super rich lip care. And perhaps most popular are the beautiful facial serums created with different skin types in mind.

Who has inspired you? My amazing neighbour, and the woman who helped me start Good Neighbour Soap, was my biggest inspiration to take the leap into business. Amanda has an entrepreneurial spirit that is infectious! The question, what women support and inspire you, has me right now reflecting on my career and my path to where I am today. I have always been surrounded by smart, strong, inspirational women. My bosses, a majority of whom were women, have always modelled mentorship, thoughtfulness, originality and a hard work-ethic. My colleagues and friends have supported me and given me confidence. And where I am today, as a part of the maker community, I am surrounded by creative women who have so much passion and confidence in what they do that they’re willing to share it with the world. I am in awe of all of our abilities to forge our own paths and break the mold of working 9 - 5 to fulfil our passions.
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Handmade in Ottawa by Meredith.

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