Fletch Robbins

Fletch Robbins is a husband and wife illustration team, creating a broad range of designs: dinosaur skeletons, cute animal families, geometric animal creations, mythical creatures, whales, ducks, and lots in between! They turn their quirky and charming creations into wall art, home decor, greeting cards, and more. 

Fletcher is the person behind the pen in the duo, illustrating and editing designs, bringing his imagination to life on paper. At their most basic, his designs are fun and playful, appealing to his inner child. Ashley is the behind the scenes logistical powerhouse, always keeping her eyes open for new opportunities for growth and making sure products get out the door on time (keeping the spreadsheets updated with an iron fist).

Never missing the opportunity to sit down for a coffee together, they routinely pull out a sketchbook and bounce ideas off each other. Together they are the creative team that is Fletch Robbins. Over the past three and half years they have been working hard, regularly creating new and fun original designs and illustrations.

Quite by accident, the team started out in Edmonton in 2014. Having rediscovered a childhood passion for drawing, Fletcher suggested they come up with some quirky Christmas cards to mail to friends and family. Combining their love of dinosaurs and caffeine, the two brainstormed some funny ideas and showed them to some close friends. The response was an overwhelming “you guys need to sell these”, and it took off from there.

After the success of the Christmas cards (nearly 800 sold over 2 months), requests for custom designs starting rolling in. Something that had previously been a hobby quickly morphed into a small business. The creative juices were flowing, and Fletcher was excited to put some of his own ideas down on the page.

What started with misappropriating company resources after hours has evolved into creating meaningful partnerships with local print-shops and cultivating relationships with other small businesses in Ottawa. Artwork by Fletch Robbins can currently be found at Little Jo Berry’s, The Britannia Coffeehouse, and Dolly Doll Bakery.

The Fletch Robbins team is working to solidify themselves as a recognizable brand in the independent Ottawa art and craft scene.