Meet Carissa:
Unlike most successful businesses, I never had a business plan when I started, (I definitely tell all my interns to go about that differently!) Luckily, I’ve always thrived best under pressure and learn by figuring out as I go. There are two things I always knew I wanted Copious to stand for; Canadian and Well Made. I want my clients to feel proud supporting someone local, who makes each piece of clothing in Canada and throughout the process of design supports other local businesses. I also design for longevity. I want my clothing to be with my clients for life. When they purchase a Copious garment, I want it to be a staple in their closet that they can always go to when they want to feel confident and look fabulous.
Throughout the growth of Copious there was a third thing that became important to me and that was the Environment. It is a hard balance between loving fashion and making sure you are supporting companies that love fashion AND the environment. As my company grew I saw how damaging fashion could be to our world and made a decision to do everything I can to make sure Copious was as environmentally friendly as possible. Learn more about all the steps I take to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Handmade in Ottawa, Canada.

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