Birch Jewellery

Hi, we're Birch Jewellery.

Our collection of whimsical, everyday pieces is inspired by Canadian nature, with a modern twist. From tiny pine cone necklaces to sparkly gemstone-inspired studs, there is something for every accessory-lover to discover.

Carefully curated and crafted by hand, each piece starts from scratch or is assembled with care in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We started our journey in 2011 and have grown into an exciting and modern brand that is loved by Canadians and fashionistas worldwide.

Some major highlights so far include being nominated as Ottawa's Best Jewellers at the 2018 Faces of Ottawa Awards; having the First Lady of Canada Sophie Grégoire Trudeau wear our Pinecone Necklace; and being featured on CTV's The social. 

Birch Jewellery can be found in Local Craft Markets (Like our very own Freewheeling Craft) and dozens of shops across Canada, and we are always on the lookout for new creative spaces to pop up in.

Handmade in Ottawa, Canada.

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