Each and every pot that you purchase from Bhajan Pottery has been thrown, trimmed, painted, carved, fired, glazed and re-fired by one wee potter working away in her potting shed beside the Gatineau River.  

The inspiration for the pieces comes from the natural beauty that surrounds the studio.  The flowing river, the sun setting on the hills, the riot of colour and chaos of flowers blooming in gardens and along the sides of the dirt roads.

There is nothing better than being a maker.  To create a beautiful piece of useful art from a lump of clay is a joy and a privilege.  Thank you for taking part in the fun by sipping your coffee from one of my mugs or eating your snacks off of a one of a kind plate.  

All the pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.  They are made on the wheel with stoneware clay that ensures that they are extra strong as well as beautiful.  The glazes are all food safe, as well as beautiful. 

Made in Ottawa, Canada.