Made in Perth, Ontario (KOMBUCHA ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP) Iced tea available for pickup/delivery.
  • Tart Cherry (made with Ontario Tart Cherries, which are high in melatonin)
  • Lemon Ginger (made with Organic Lemon and fresh Ginger)
  • Pomegranate Lemon (made with real Pomegranate juice and organic Lemon)
  • Wild Blueberry Grape (made with Wild Blueberries and Organic grape juice)
  • Raspberry Hibiscus (made with Organic Raspberries and Organic Hibiscus flowers)
  • NEW!!! Spring Rejuvenate - Organic Oolong, Organic Sage, Organic Mint, Organic Lavender

Ingredients: artesian water, organic kombucha culture (SCOBY), organic premium whole leaf green and black teas, organic cane sugar, organic/real/cold-pressed juice, ginger/ berries / herbs. Natural effervescence: from flat to fizzy! Traditional slow fermentation.

Best before date is stamped on each bottle. Kombucha is naturally probiotic and self preserves. We give 1 month shelf stability for berry flavours and 3 months for lemon ginger and turmeric zinger, whether or not the bottle is open. The only change that occurs: kombucha fizzier and less sweet with time, however, it does not go bad.

Artizen Kombucha is not pasteurized or artificially carbonated, it naturally builds up fizz in the bottle over time.

Kombucha needs to stay refrigerated for an extended shelf life, and in hot weather, we ask that you leave a cooler outside your door for us to transfer Kombucha into (unless you are home to receive it shortly after delivery).


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