Heyyy!!!! We’re Shan and Pete, co-founders of Anupaya and the couple behind the branding, design, sourcing, packaging and just about everything else related to moving these quality goods from our shelves to your home! 

We’re a pair of light hearted, down to earth nature lovers, deeply in awe of mother nature and we feel privileged and blessed each and every day to spend much of our time outdoors - playing, foraging, learning and growing in these magnificent shared wild spaces of ours. 

We started Anupaya because we wanted to create a brand with a higher purpose. We believe that business has the potential to create lasting, positive change in the world and we wanted to create an offering that doesn't just chase the bottom(less) line. Instead, we’ve chosen to align our business and our vision - to the best of our abilities - with the higher goal of working towards protecting and preserving our wild spaces while offering damn fine goods to you, our cherished friends and supporters. 

The Anupaya Collection aims to celebrate thoughtful living both indoors and out. Our products are made largely from natural fibres and materials that serve to remind us of our place in nature rather than above it. We continue to design and curate a selection of goods that can be used and reused in all aspects of daily living, whether you’re at home, work or play.

We believe in supply chain responsibility, ethical sourcing and sustainable manufacturing methods - creating #goodsforgood that tread as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet.

It’s our hope and dream that by supporting Anupaya and our One Pound Promise, you will - like us - feel a renewed and deepened sense of connection and care for the world around us.

Welcome to the Pathless Path. We’re so glad you're here. 

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