WOMEN'S DAY SERIES: Eleven Love (Alda, Shannon & Dawn)

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What women support and inspire you on your career path or in your business?   There are so many incredible women that have inspired us along the way. Our first coach and mentor Taryn Watts, our business coach, Lana Dingwall, and all the other amazing women makers and entrepreneurs we aspired to be like one day. 
What gender specific challenges, stereotypes or barriers have you had to overcome during your career (or in your business)? Owning our worth! And pricing our products accordingly.

Where are you feeling empowered (or disempowered) in your own woman's story?
... and has covid19 amplified this for you? We definitely feel empowered. The more we keep growing (Personally and professionally), so does our business. Our why is to help people feel connected and offer them a sense of hope and inspiration, a connection to their most precious wishes and dreams. That's the intention behind our products and Covid has definitely amplified the need for much more of that. It keeps us going and helps us feel that there is a much bigger purpose in the work that we do and the products we put out.
How has owning your own business changed your life and how you see gender equality? We have all worked for men in the past, and although not all of our experiences were challenging, we all had to work harder to gain the respect and the pay we wanted compared to our male peers. Now we work for ourselves, the atmosphere is empowering and incredible. The love and respect we have for each other is like nothing we have ever experienced working for someone else. It's purposeful, empowering and freeing.

Covid19 has disproportionately affected women (taking on a heavier burden at home and with childcare in lockdowns). How can we support other women as we start the social and economic recovery process? When businesses open back up, we need to hire women to fill those jobs. Women were forced to stay home with their families, and many have lost, or had to give up their jobs and/or productivity.

What would you tell your younger self (in career or business)? What do you wish you had known or not spent so much time worrying about? You are capable! Go for it and don't give up. Don't waste time on people or jobs that don't fill your soul. Be your creative weird self and the universe will reward you. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself, what you put in will come back two fold. Have faith and believe in yourself. I love you, and I'm proud of you :)

We've all had that moment in our business where we wanted to quit... what was that moment for you, and how did you keep going? All three of us have school aged children and during the lockdowns and the school shut downs we all had to continue running our business (while apart) and take care of our households. It was difficult and exhausting. What kept us going were the messages we received from our customers sending notes to their loved ones, reminding ourselves of how lucky we were to have a thriving business during a pandemic, and we wanted to show our daughters and be an example of how important it is to never give up on yourself and your dreams.
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