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We caught up with Elena Minnow (the founder of Twenty20 Skincare) She makes a line of natual body butters and lip care goods made with Shea butter, ingredients from Ghana. 

What women support and inspire you on your career path or in your business? The women that support me are those in my community- they are hard workers, sisters and businesswomen. The women that inspire me in business are Jackie Aina and Patricia Bright because I have been a witness to their growth and my incredible mother, Anita Minnow.  
Where are you feeling empowered (or disempowered) in your own woman's story? Being able to team up with like-minded women is empowering and seeing other women thrive in their own areas of expertise has shown me anything is possible as long as you’re willing to adjust- especially in times like covid10 and all the challenges women are facing..
How have your female networks and companionships supported you through the past year? In every way. They have supported me by creating a safe space where I can fully be myself, vent, cry, laugh, celebrate and have also uplifted me in emotionally trying times because of the number of unexpected trials that have come with covid-19.
How has owning your own business changed your life and how you see gender equality? I love this! Owning my business has taught me the importance of wellness and figuring out my life goals. It has clearly shown me priorities and also how to manage my time well.  I have learnt that life isn’t all about work and exhaustion, but embracing its fullness.  Even though, I own a business, there’s so much more to life like relationships, rest and overall wellbeing especially mental wellbeing in times like this.
How can we contribute to women's movements on a day to day basis? How can leaders and people of influence contribute to these movements?
Creating awareness by sharing our experiences with our individual audiences. In my case, donating percentages of sales to women in need. Continuing these conversations in untraditional spaces authentically and sharing both negatively and positively.
What would you tell your younger self (in career or business)? What do you wish you had known or not spent so much time worrying about? To the younger me: don’t waste time worrying about your future. Everything will work together for your good. Work smarter not harder, there’s no prize for draining yourself. Stay hydrated, your future skin will be grateful. Know that what seems hard and hopeless now will be the very thing that launches you into your purpose.
Explore her website HERE and follow her on IG @twenty20skincare

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