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At the core of everything we do is community.

Little Italy is the epitome of legacy centered business- a fusion of decades old family businesses & modern entrepreneurship, and this mirrors what is at the core of market culture.

"After two years of virtual markets which offered very little opportunity for shoppers and vendors to connect, we are going back to the roots of what markets are all about- for shoppers to be able to meet and know the people who make their stuff" says Amanda, the market founder. She further adds "we want this market to be a part of the neighbourhood's weekly routine. Take a stroll down to the street, shop the market and enjoy the merchants on the street. Head over to Dow's Lake which is only 4 blocks away from the market to enjoy some of the most beautiful green space in the city".

Although we were a couple months late getting the market planned not knowing what would happen after the latest lockdown, at the core of the mission was having a farmers market element to the offering. The neighbourhood lacks ammenities, and this forces the residents of the neighbourhood to have to go to neighbouring Westboro and Lansdowne to access this.

And we are beyond excited to welcome local farmer community Ferme Agricola to the market starting on June 12th.

"To partner with a farm that shares our values is a dream come true, and feels like we are on the right path to accomplishing our mission for the neighbourhood" said Amanda.

Agricola is a worker’s cooperative, which means that it’s owned by the workers who grow your food. We believe that food should build community, be ecologically sustainable and be a pleasure to grow and eat. As a cooperative farm, we seek to create meaningful work for ourselves by growing organic food that nourishes local communities. We strive to engage generously and responsibly with the world around us in order to contribute to a more equitable, sustainable food system.  

Being able to shop from the farm while also being able to explore a rotation of local makers is a unique experience. A lot of weekly and farmers markets require vendors to commit to a full season which limits opportunity for new and fresh brands. We are breaking that down, and have a robust schedule of makers and food brands.

We are working on a full schedule of FREE activities for the community including yoga in the square, stretch + sketch sessions, active movement + dance.

The markets are hosted at Preston Square (333 Preston street) in partnership with the Preston Street BIA. The markets run Sundays 9:30-3 (rain or shine).

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