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(Photo credit: Ottawa Neighbours).

Three years ago when I had this crazy idea to start hosting modern craft markets, I started hunting for a venue that was... different. I knew I didn't want a school gymnasium, or a church, or a soccer field. I wanted a space that offered a cool vibe to the atmosphere. 

I stumbled upon Makerspace North - a new coworking space in city centre. When I first went to do a site visit I was immediately taken with the raw vibe, the cool tenants making cool things (at the time Ottawa City Woodshop, N-Product, CNC Ottawa among others), the murals on the walls and the possibilities.

Now in our fourth year, we understand the quirks of the venue (for those who have been to our markets, you know what I'm talking about!) and we want to make your visit to the Holiyay Craft Market as magical as possible. Believe us (and the thousands of shoppers that keep coming back)- its worth the two minute walk!

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There is ample parking at City Centre, and the good news is that its FREE for the first 1.5 hours. That is ample time to shop the market and get thru your list. If you want to make a day of it by visiting the other businesses in the building like our friends at Beyond the pale brewing company or Art is in, then you will have to pay ($8 max for the day). Remember to bring your license plate # up to the payment kiosk, and you can pay by cash or credit.


The address to find the venue is 250 City Centre avenue, Ottawa K1R 6K7 (google maps link below).



For our lovely shoppers who have mobility challenges, wheelchairs, strollers etc, there is limited parking on the top level by our doors. We have had people email us ahead of time in the past so that we may meet them outside and have a space ready for them.


City Center is directly on the transit line via OCtranspo + Otrain. The stop you are looking for is BAYVIEW. Then it is a quick 3 minute walk across to the building and up to the doors.


Get those winter tires on your bike and save go green! There are bike racks on the lower level by art is in bakery. We are at the end of the bike trail that runs along the Otrain line (parallel to Preston st) and 3 blocks from the trail that runs along the river.


Makerspace North is located on the upper level from the parking lot. There are two ways to access it after you have parked your car or hopped off transit (see image below). The first is to walk up the ramp. The 2nd is to take stairs (please be mindful that they may be slippery this time of year). When you get to the top it is the door at BAY 216 (there will be ample signage). 


All of the vendors take credit card via spuare reader (some even take debit). We also have an ATM on site. Payment at the door for the $3 entry is cash only.

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  • Hello.
    If I am walking east on Somerset and then onto the Trillium Pathway, would I be able to access the upper level off the pathway, or do I have to walk to Preston and then in through Spruce St. ? The map provided looks like there is access off the pathway.

    Patty on

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