Its summertime in Ottawa, and we certainly don't have a shortage of events, festivals and markets to attend. Music festivals, food truck rallies, yoga, beer festivals, volleyball, dragon boat… you name it, and Ottawa is probably doing it. 

One of our favourite events to host is CRAFTS + DRAFTS in collab with Beyond the Pale, and we'll tell you all the reasons why you should join us this Saturday, June 15th 11-7! The good news is that BTP has built an incredible events room inside the brewery, so we are going rain or shine!  

250 City Centre ave
Outdoor: Parking lot in front of BTP Brewery.
Indoor: The events room in the Brewery. 


Nothing adds the cool factor to markets and events like the right live music. Last summer we hosted DJ sets and acoustic musicians throughout the day to add that festival vibe and we are doing the same this year! In the afternoon we have a 3 hour live acoustic musician followed by a live DJ to pump up the vibe at night.

Crafts & Drafts Ottawa, Ottawa festivals, Freewheeling Craft, Beyond the Pale Brewery, BTP brewery  


As always, we have a highly curated group of local artisans. Shop an amazing selection of apparel, home goods, jewelry, apothecary, art + artisan foods. This is a showcase of the highest quality goods our city has to offer. Grab a beer and connect with local creative.


As y'all have come to expect from our markets, get ready to eat! We have the cool guys from The MOMO Spot back, as well as the new fully expanded menu from Smoque Shack inside Beyond the Pale. We also have the delicious Oh My Cheesecake + The County Bounty Soda. 



Beyond the Pale Brewery has so many tried and true favourites, and they're always adding seasonal flavours to the mix for you to explore. This weekend enjoy they're seasonal Tropicale Breeze, Clean Cut, Pink Fuzz & Rye Guy. The guys have also added a cool viewing window at the back of their new expanded dining room where you can watch their team in action brewing the beer.


Last year we heard from our makers + attendees that this was one of the funnest community events they had attended in a long time. The fusion of craft beer + artisans in one chill space, the music, the family atmosphere. All day long we saw meaningful connections whether it was with the people you came with, with creatives in your community and with one of the coolest gangs around: The BTP team who love hosting people for fun times all day, any day.  

Crafts and Drafts, Ottawa events, Ottawa festival, freewheeling craft, Beyond the Pale



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