Shop small this holiday season for BIG impact.

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We are on a mission to make a BIG impact this Holiday season by pulling small local businesses together in one inspiring place.

We are going to keep $500,000 in your local economy in 3 days.

Money is kept in your community because locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses. Its estimated that for every $100 spent in a local business, $68 stays in the local economy (versus $43 kept locally if you shop at a big chain). Money kept in our local economy recirculates as businesses use local resources, eat at local restaurants, staffing, local landlords etc, and generate a larger tax base.

We will feed 1000 local kids through our partnership with Mealshare.

Local businesses often support issues affecting their communities. This season we have chosen to make our market in support of mealshare and our goal is to feed over 1000 kids. Yes, large chains often have charitable causes but those benefits often go to larger global charities rather than to local organizations. Local businesses often choose to support issues happening right in your city.

Every pre-shop ticket sold for Friday, December 6th will feed one child in need (and other efforts throughout the weekend)- buy your ticket HERE. Have fun while having a positive impact all at the same time.

We are giving you a centralized place to shop IRL so you can lower your environmental footprint.

We know that environmental impact is top of mind for a lot of you: reducing emissions + excess packaging being ways that everyday people can have an impact... every small part matters. Some ways it can count:

  • Online shopping creates A LOT of excess single use packaging that is mostly non-recyclable. It goes right into the landfill or into our environments.
  •  Next day delivery (hey amazon prime, we're looking at you) creates rushed, inefficient delivery schedules that create more emissions as companies try to meet the demands.
  • Brick + Mortar shopping is great, but when you hop in your car to run around town to multiple stores you're adding extra emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Small indie brands don't work with the toxic chemicals + fillers that big mass-produced brands do, reducing toxic runoff and eliminating the need of testing on animals.
  • Things that are made by hand rather than mass-produced on machines in factories using cheap labour... do we even need to explain that one?

Our curated market offers you one inspiring spot to shop for multiple people. Get ready to check check check off your list, and feel good that you're minimizing your footprint at the same time.

We are giving 125 entrepreneurs, makers + designers a platform to achieve their business goals and grow local creative culture.

We work with brands that are leveling up all. the. time. Nothing rewards us more than seeing the brands achieve goals and chase dreams... and that wouldn't be possible without you, the shoppers who continue to show up and support.

The diverse character of our communities is defined by the entrepreneurs that add  creative value. Dynamic neighbourhoods play a significant role in your overall satisfaction with where you live and the value of you home. Our markets create meaningful space for you to make connections with those creatives that live your neighbourhoods.

So ask yourself: this Holiday season, what impact are you going to have and how are you going to make it happen? The Holiyay Craft Market is running from December 6-8 at Shaw Centre.


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