Maker's Hustle Series (Holiyay Edition): The women behind Eleven Love

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adjective: freewheeling; adjective: free-wheeling
characterized by a disregard for conventions; to be a rebel; unconstrained or uninhibited.

Freewheeling Craft was born from celebrating the makers who go against the grain. Our city is beaming with talent and its our mission to highlight that. Welcome to our series: Maker's Hustle, where once a week we share a little more about the brands in our community and the Maker's behind the brand hustlin'.

WHO: Dawn, Alda + Shannon
BRAND: Eleven Love
WHAT: Inspirational jewelry + spiritual goods

BRAND ETHOS: Each product we create is designed to uplift and inspire

1. How does our city + creative community inspire you? 

The maker community in our city inspires us through support and connections. Being a new brand on the streets was intimidating at first, but with the support of other makers made us feel so welcome and a part of something greater inside of this community. It has helped us grow with confidence and made us feel safe inside this space of being entrepreneurs in a community of people supporting each other. So many great friendships have been made.

2. You were at HOLIYAY last year- what's happened for your brand since then? 

Our brand has grown substantially in the last year since the last holiyay market. We thrive through meeting our customers in person, hearing their stories and making connections that have since continued through social media and other markets. Its all about the in person connection with customers that help us grow inside our community.

3. What's your hot gifting item this year (that our community HAS to know about?) 

Our wish bracelets are perfect holiday gifts to send someone the most perfect message. We cant always find the words ourselves to express, that's why these bracelets make perfect gifts. We will also be launching a new candle collection exclusive to the HOLIYAY market. Shipping candles can be costly, so we will be having great deals on candles at our markets.

4. What HOLIYAY maker are you gifting this year + why? 

The Mini Tipi blankets are so cozy and the perfect gift for the winter months. Plus the women behind the company are incredible. We love to support each other and that is the best gift of all!

5. You've been a HOLIYAY vendor before- what are you looking forward to?  

We are most excited to get to be a part of the most epic holiday market. We trust in Amandas vision and are extremely grateful we get to be a part of it. And also connecting with our awesome customers and other makers who over the last few years have become friends. So much love under one roof!

6. Your best holiday tradition? 

Making wishes of course! With every new bracelet we create, another wish gets released into the world. We tie new bracelets on, make our wishes, and set our intentions for the new year to come.

7. What's your holiday must-do in Ottawa over Christmas (in December)?

Shop local of course, and spending time with family. Taking time off to be surrounded by family and loved ones, and just fully immerse ourselves into the present moment. Because presence is most precious gift of all. 
Photo Credit: Marianne Rothbauer (Ottawa Neighbours)

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