Maker's Hustle Series (Holiyay Edition): Lynda of Sweet Sigrid Nordic Baking

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adjective: freewheeling; adjective: free-wheeling
characterized by a disregard for conventions; to be a rebel; unconstrained or uninhibited.

Freewheeling Craft was born from celebrating the makers who go against the grain. Our city is beaming with talent and its our mission to highlight that. Welcome to our series: Maker's Hustle, where once a week we share a little more about the brands in our community and the Maker's behind the brand hustlin'.

WHO: Lynda Hansen
BRAND: Sweet Sigrid Nordic Baking
WHAT: Traditional Scandinavian Baking

1. How does our city + creative community inspire you? 

In the few years I've been in the small batch baking biz, I have been absolutely blown away by all the talented folks sharing their delicious expertise on the Ottawa market circuit.  So many supportive and beautiful people.

2. Whats your hot gifting item that our community HAS to know about?!

Be sure to save space in your shopping bag for some Scandinavian-inspired treats, because I will literally be baking THOUSANDS of cookies!  Little bags of cookies make perfect hostess or teacher gifts, but nothing says "I love you" like a whole Box of Assorted Cookies!   And if you’re looking for something a little different, I’ll have that too; like, a little tower of chewy almond cookie rings.  Yum!

3. This is your first HOLIYAY market- what are you most excited about?

I'm a rookie Holiyay vendor and I'm REALLY excited!  I can't wait to experience the cool vibes, and maybe do a little shopping.

4. What's your favourite Ottawa activity in Ottawa in December?


My dream activity over the holidays is skating on the Rideau Canal, but in all the years I've been in Ottawa I think it's only happened once!  Fingers crossed!

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  • Where will her baking be sold in December? Asking for a friend :)

    Susanne on

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