Maker's Hustle Series (Holiyay Edition): Katrina Wilson of Nina Bella Knits

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adjective: freewheeling; adjective: free-wheeling
characterized by a disregard for conventions; to be a rebel; unconstrained or uninhibited.

Freewheeling Craft was born from celebrating the makers who go against the grain. Our city is beaming with talent and its our mission to highlight that. Welcome to our series: Maker's Hustle, where once a week we share a little more about the brands in our community and the Maker's behind the brand hustlin'.

WHO: Katrina Wilson
BRAND: Nina Bella Knits
WHAT: Luxe knit accessories

1. How does our city + creative community inspire you?

I am always looking for new trends in the Ottawa fashion so I can utilize new + inspiring colours or prints in my designs! I follow some really trendy bloggers who always know what’s trending.

2. What's your hot gifting item this year (that our community HAS to know about)?

I have cozy knits for everyone on your list, but if I had to pick ONE it would to treat your favourite lady to a luxury beanie! They will last longer and be warmer than the classic knit hat! They’re also all original designs making them very unique.

3. What HOLIYAY maker are you gifting this year?

I’m getting tea from Diversitea for everyone’s stocking, Bee Savvy honey, Terra Velta plants... so yeah, I’m getting all my shopping done at the market!

4. This is your first HOLIYAY... what are you looking forward to? 

This is my first year doing markets and I knew I had to try and get into Holiyay! I just can’t wait to see everyone in their boss business element! There’s something so special about seeing other people succeed in their craft that makes my heart EXPLODE!  Also heard they have beer so.... 

5. Your best holiday tradition?

Christmas baking with my mom blasting Trans Siberian Orchestra leading up to Christmas. Now my mom and I get to bake with my kids! Oh, also going to see the lights at Taffy lane Christmas Eve, along with everyone else and their dog in Orleans lol

6. What's your holiday must-do in Ottawa over Christmas (in December). 

Besides taking the kids down Taffy lane, I always go skatin  GB on the canal and get beaver tails! Fun fact: my hubby doesn’t skate and in previous years I’ve rented him a cart and pushed him down the canal like the true princess he is!
Photo credit: Marianne Rothbauer (Ottawa Neighbours) 

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