Maker's Hustle Series (Holiyay Edition): Hayley Cooke of Smith & Sayer

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adjective: freewheeling; adjective: free-wheeling
characterized by a disregard for conventions; to be a rebel; unconstrained or uninhibited.

Freewheeling Craft was born from celebrating the makers who go against the grain. Our city is beaming with talent and its our mission to highlight that. Welcome to our series: Maker's Hustle, where once a week we share a little more about the brands in our community and the Maker's behind the brand hustlin'.

WHO: Hayley Cooke
BRAND: Smith + Sayer
WHAT: Chemical free cleaning products.

1. How does our city + creative community inspire you?  

The talent here is amazing, I find it helps me strive to get better at what I do and improve my products all the time.

2. What's your hot gifting item this year (that our community HAS to know about?) 

Shampoo and conditioner bar sets, beard wash bar and beard balm set, and specialist chemical free cleaners set

3. What HOLIYAY maker are you gifting this year + why?

There are so many its hard to pick just one...  but Pink Soapwork & Hummingbird Chocolate are at the top of my list!

4. This is your first HOLIYAY... what are you looking forward to? 

Being part of such a huge market, can't wait! It's great to see the support for us makers.

5. Your best holiday tradition? 

Mimosas on Christmas morning

6. Whats your holiday must-do in Ottawa over Christmas (in December)?

A walk around downtown in the dark, so pretty!
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