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Next Freewheeling Craft Market: Holiyay Nov 24th + 25th (two day vendor)
Brand: Wildtree Ceramics
Ottawa, Ontario
1. What can we expect from your brand this holiday season?
I've been obsessed with adding gold lustre to my pieces, so you can expect to see a lot of that on my jewellery and some new vases and candle holders I've been making. There's also lots of new ornaments this year including a cactus, llama and marijuana leaf.
2. What is your favourite item you're offering this year and why?
I'm most excited for a new line of jewellery that has a bit more of a matte look, with stamps and bits of gold here and there that make the pieces look ancient and rustic. I love when a new idea works out like I envisioned in my head, not always the case! 
3. Do you have any special holiday traditions?
The last few years some of my friends and I have got together to make our own wreaths! I love decorating for the holidays, I put lights and ornaments in my windows and plants. And I love a good rum and eggnog! 
4. What is your favourite part about the local maker community?
It's amazing, everyone is so supportive of each other and wants each other to succeed. I have made so many friends with like minded people and couldn't imagine not being part of this community. 
5. Is this a side hustle for you, or a full time gig?
More than a side hustle, but not full time. I work as a Manager of Customer Service with TD as well, part time. It's the perfect balance and I'll keep it up as long as I'm able to.
6. What does conscious consumerism mean to you?
Being aware, not only of where you spend your money and who you support while doing so, but also why you spend it. If there is a need for something, how can I make the least impact environmentally and the largest impact to my local economy. 
7. Did you participate in holiyay last year... if yes, what was your favourite part. If no, what are you looking forward to?
Yes! I love the cheery vibe, Christmas tunes and photo wall. And seeing all my maker friends and the customers who consistently show up. 
8. What is your favourite maker brand to gift this year (if not local to Ottawa, made in Canada)?
Oooooh it will depend on who I get for secret Santa this year in my family. If I'm going to gift myself something it will be from Blondie, Zoe's Corner and TerraVelta! Love all those girls. 
9. After a long market day, I unwind by...
A drink! Preferably with my maker buddies :) 
10. Can shoppers find you online if they cant make it to holiyay?
My website has where you can find me in person or what shops carry my pieces. I'm on Instagram and Facebook as @wildtreeceramics, people can reach out to me if they see something I post they want to purchase. I'm also a regular vendor at the Ottawa Farmer's Market and will be at the Christmas Markets every Saturday and Sunday in December inside the Aberdeen Pavilion.

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  • Great interview, Emily! Lovely work.

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