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Next Freewheeling Craft Market: Holiyay, Saturday November 24th 
Brand: Petal + Pipe
Ottawa, Canada 

1. What can we expect from your brand this holiday season? 

We're introducing a new soy wax candle with a crackling wooden wick, which is perfect for the holidays! It's our classic wide mouth jars but this time is painted silver. It will be available FIRST at Holi-Yay and comes in smoke + pine + mandarin. The scent is very warm - it reminds me of cozying up at a chalet during a snowstorm. 

2. What is your favourite item in your offering this year and why?
I'd say our 2 arm copper candelabra is our favourite right now - i looooooove copper. 

3. Do you have any special holiday traditions?
Eat so much that we pass out, does that count? Just kidding - our favourite thing to do around the holidays is to decorate our Christmas tree together. It's so fun to pull out old ornaments that you haven't seen in a year. 

4. What is your favourite part about the local maker community? 
Everyone is SO supportive. Every time we go to a market, we meet so many friendly makers. They're so willing to give advice and share their tips and tricks to help us along. We love being a part of this community. 

5. Is this a side hustle for you, or a full time gig?
This is our side hustle! We're currently operating out of a cozy apartment in Centretown - I wish i could show you how tiny this place is. During the day, I (Becky) work in tech and Brendan works in fire safety - hence the pipe. 

6. What does conscious consumerism mean to you?
A conscious consumer is someone who cares about the impact of their purchases and actions. These consumers will generally go out of their way to make sure they're buying great stuff. Conscious consumers often support local, homegrown businesses because not only do they know where their products are being made/coming from, they're supporting their local economy. 

7. Did you participate in holiyay last year... if yes, what was your favourite part. If no, what are you looking forward to?

We didn't participate last year but we cannot wait to be a part of it this year! We're looking forward to getting into the holiday spirit and chatting with the other makers and shoppers :) We also can't wait to see what everyone else if bringing out this holiday season! 

8. What is your favourite maker brand to gift this year (if not local to Ottawa, made in Canada)?
Shout out to Lee and Evelyn who i bought a knitted white/grey pompom toque from. It is insanely cozy (and cute) - i get compliments on it every time I wear it. 

9. After a long market day, we unwind by... 
Lighting a candle (shameless plug) and snuggling up to a good TV show. Preferably some true crime or a couple of episodes of the Office.

10. Can shoppers find you online if they cant make it to holiyay?
Yes! We have everything up on out etsy store: We're also happy to hand deliver any orders to customers in Ottawa and waive any associated shipping costs (the free shipping code can be entered at checkout using OTTSFREESHIP)  


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