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Nothing screams local summer treat like a big ball of vanilla ice cream melting into an artisan soda. And we're upping the ante with the County Bounty sodas.

When we were trying to decide how to photograph the soda in a fun way we both said "hey, what about an ice cream float"? We questioned whether the flavours would taste good with the ice cream, and decided that we thought it would make an interesting photo.


1. Pick your favourite glassware.
2. Pour in your favourite County Bounty soda (3/4 of the way full).
3. Make a big ball of vanilla ice cream and dump into the glass (we like to drop it in for maximum mess).
4. Watch the ice cream fizz + melt into the soda for a moment.
5. Top with your fruit, sprinkles, cream etc.
These are ABSOLTELY delicious. Because the soda is naturally sweetened, so isn't too sweet to start off with. INSIDER TIP... adding the mint or other herbs creates a beautiful fragrance as you bring the cup up to your mouth, adding another sensory experience.
Grab your kids, friends, family, co-workers, neighbours and delight them with these floats. It won't disappoint.
Photography by Rothbauer Studios

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